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You´ll get competitive offer
Cheap, fast, high-quality, above standard.
Make use of our offer of the high-quality minibuses of the capacity of 7 to 31 passengers.
Satisfaction of our clients is the main aim of our travel agency.
For our VIP clients there are ready new fully equipped Mercedes Viano and Mercedes sprinter coaches.
We have got a wide range of high quality coaches which together with our professional drivers are the best guarantee of your satisfaction.

Go-kart riding


Try with us a luxuriously equipped space offering go-kart riding in the Prague outskirts. Go in Prague to go-kart riding and you´ll enjoy enchantment during passing the curves exactly like a F1 rider. Our go-kart track situated in the glass building is approximately 1 km long and can be ridden by up to 14 go-carts at the same time. We offer our clients a maximal comfort, it is air conditioned, during the winter the hall is heated. Enjoy with us riding in the biggest kart-arena in Prague and in the Central Europe. The arena is located mere 35 minutes on bus from the Prague centre.

Embodied in the arena is a very pleasing restaurant with a view on the go-kart track offering international menu and big choice of drinks. The speciality of the restaurant is an outdoor grill inviting for preparing of barbecue menu. Our arena is more than suitable for farewell parties, organizing parties for big groups of participants, corporate events, team building.

You´ll get excited! The arena is perfectly equipped and maintained and it is certainly worth of a visit even though just for few hours of fun or for a whole day. All the important details concerning the go-kart rides in the Prague arena and go-kart specifications can be found in the summary.

Go-kart riding – basic information:  
The length of one ride – approximately 20 minutes

Opening hours:

Mo - Fr 15:00 24:00
Saturday 11:00 24:00
Sunday 11:00 24:00

Pick up of a client from the hotel possible:

Mo - Fr 14:30 22:30
Saturday 10:30 22:30
Sunday 10:30 22:30

Track specification: 
Surface – smooth concrete
Length – 990 m
Width – 6,4 m
Area – 10 000 sqm
The track has got 32 turns which prove your driving capability, winner´s stage, laser time screening on the display in the restaurant. Not only the time counts but driving capability, too! On the longest stretch you can reach up to 80 km/h speed.

Go-karts Subaru (200 ccm):

Go-karts have got their brake on the left side, gas pedal on the right one and the steering ratio is 1:1 (car 4:1). As the go-karts react very quickly even to the smallest change of the driving direction, drive through the first turns very carefully, please. You can also rent very fast go-karts Subaru 270 ccm under the condition that you have achieved a time limit under 1:25 on the long lap with the Subaru 200 ccm.

Number of the go-karts – 14

Type of the engine – Subaru 200 ccm, four-stroke engine, output 5.5 hp
Type of the chassis – Birel

Go-karts Subaru 200 ccm are equipped with the engine of the output o 5.5 hp enabling to achieve the speed up to 75 km/h and the light-weighed chassis Birel for perfect copying the turns.

Important information: Before the start all the participants of the go-kart riding will sign a taking over responsibility form. Go-kart riding is on the rider´s risk. The insurance is not included in the price.


2 hours

Services included in the price

  • Pick up of the client from the hotel and back
  • Guides
  • Private bus transport
  • Go-kart rides (2 laps, races, approximately 20 minutes of the net racing time)
  • Competitions
  • Beer barrel

Minimum number of participants

5 persons

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