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Bus Transportation Prague

Ondřej Vlach

  • Fast, safe, cheap
  • Long-time experience, practice
  • Groups great and small
  • Above-standard services
  • Wide car fleet
  • VIP service
  • Individual prices
You´ll get competitive offer
Cheap, fast, high-quality, above standard.
Make use of our offer of the high-quality minibuses of the capacity of 7 to 31 passengers.
Satisfaction of our clients is the main aim of our travel agency.
For our VIP clients there are ready new fully equipped Mercedes Viano and Mercedes sprinter coaches.
We have got a wide range of high quality coaches which together with our professional drivers are the best guarantee of your satisfaction.

Indoor skydiving


Enjoy a new kind of an adrenalin excitement - Indoor Skydiving in the Prague Skydiving Arena where you can try free fall under the installation of the conditions in the wind tunnel. It´s the first of its kind in the Central and East Europe and it´s designated for the training of the professionals as well as for the wide public, i.e. for you!! The skydiving arena offers the only one 14 m tunnel in the world with the round glass room of a 4,3 m diameter.  The skydiving conditions here are identically fixed in accordance with the air movement of 160 to 300 km/h. Thus, everybody of you can try what it means to hover, however in the safe above-sea height and under the control of experienced instructors. Children above five years are also allowed to get into the tunnel.

At the beginning you´ll get a short training course where you´ll be taught the basic principles of the flight in the tunnel (body position, communication signals for the flight with an instructor). After that, you´ll be provided for with the protective accessories – a jumpsuit, goggles and a helmet. Then you´ll be accompanied by a professional instructor into the chamber where he will help and teach you how to control the body position in the air stream. At the end you can watch a record of your flight and analyze it together with your instructor. For your memory you´ll get a DVD.

Services included in the price

  • Pick u of the client from the hotel and bringing him back
  • Guides
  • Private transportation
  • Briefing - training
  • Equipment needed  – protective jumpsuit, glasses, a helm
  • Skydiving – 4 minutes
  • DVD

Minimum number of participants

6 persons

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